Australian Christian Accommodation
Australian Christian Accommodation website (referred to within this website as ACA) is a means of providing people of Christian faith with the opportunity to obtain and provide accommodation within Australia that allows for harmony of faith within the home/household/accommodation environment.

Use of the website

By entering the ACA site you are acknowledging the you are, or the person you represent, is of Christian faith.

Defining terms used

Harmony of faith - holding to/sharing the same foundational religious beliefs.
Christian faith - The term as it is used in this website means 'a belief that Jesus is God in the flesh, and that salvation is through God’s grace alone, provided by the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ'.

ACA as providers of this website acknowledge the rights of others to hold different beliefs. We would expect that those of different faith would also want to live within harmony of their own faith within their own home/household/accommodation environment. (This does not deny the need for those of differing faiths already living or intending to live, within a common household, to live, as far as is practical, in a harmonious environment without persecution or discrimination.)